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Author Topic: Adventure Map Donations Now Accepted!  (Read 449 times)


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Adventure Map Donations Now Accepted!
« on: June 13, 2013, 02:32:58 PM »

I am not sure how many people will see this, but for those that do, read on, as this may benefit you even more than it does my maps. :) My adventure map hub now has a completed Donation Hall! You can now come in and donate items to different maps/builds by throwing them in the appropriate hoppers. Signs will be posted letting you know what each build needs, and when one build is finished, a new map's needed materials will take its place! Now you can donate anonymously, but I greatly appreciate these donations and have 3 tiers of rewards set for those that donate! The first tier reward, if your donations I consider to be worth around 8 diamonds of supplies, is one free playthrough on the map you donated too. If you donate this much worth on multiple maps, you get multiple free plays to use on any map you like :D . The tier 2 rewards, worth 16 diamonds, is you will get your name and head shown at the start and end of every map, saying you donated to said map. Again, if you do this for multiple maps, you get multiple mentions! And lastly, the tier 3 reward, if you donate items worth up to 32 diamonds, you will get a head/sign mention right in the very center spawn of the entire hub, for every person that enters to see! This reward can only be claimed once, but it is something to get yourself known for! To receive these rewards, after donating please put a book with your signature on it, into my PO box, NOT THE HOPPERS, but again, my PO box (/warp post to get here). In this book just say what you donated, and for what maps you did donate for (I recommend you right this all in the book as you donate). I will then write you a message back saying what tier rewards you receive, and for how many maps  :D . P.S.- Incase I didn't mention it, you CAN receive ALL 3 TIERS of rewards! So if you donate enough, you could be mentioned in every map, and get a playthrough of each. Also, if you surpass the 3rd tier goal, every 8 diamonds worth of supplies you continue to donate, earns you more free plays! So feel free to donate, and when my maps are done, have a blast playing them ;)
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