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Author Topic: Guidlines to Banning Levels  (Read 1120 times)


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Guidlines to Banning Levels
« on: January 28, 2017, 07:35:02 PM »

Banning users is never easy for either the user or the person banning them, sadly sometimes it is necessary.
This is the guideline to our ban policy: There are 4 stages of ban from lowest amount of time to highest and the reasons for that level ban.

Stage One: 24hr - 4 days
Spamming the server
Griefing 1-5 blocks
Trapping a player
Killing a player outside of the Arena
Killing a Player's Animals
General Harassment
Sexual Language or innuendos
Using Flying, Speed, or Xray mods
Unwarranted Oping: Either tricking someone into oping you, Oping someone you shouldn't, or abusing Oped powers.

Stage Two: 5 days - 10 days
Griefing 6-20 blocks
Killing the same player outside of the Arena

Stage Three: 11 days - 25 days
Theft of any amount of blocks
Destroying a persons house

Stage Four: 26 days - Permanent
Massive server griefing

Each subsequent ban in 30 days bumps the ban time up to the next ban stage, up to and including permanent. Ie:If you've had stage 1 ban and your banned for something else the same month that's also stage 1 you are instead given a stage 2 ban.
Conversely if you go a month without a ban, your ban time drops down a stage. Till your cleared of all bans.
This does not effect the reason or that reason's stage you're banned for, this only affects whether you're given a stiffer ban than before. This ban structure ensures that if someone accidentally gets themselves banned once they are not treated the same as the users that are constantly causing trouble and grief.
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