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Author Topic: Guideline for making and living in a players VTC.  (Read 545 times)


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Guideline for making and living in a players VTC.
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:44:11 AM »

A VTC (Village,Town,City), is defined on this server as a large place built by a player that allows others to move into.

When you decide to make or live in a Player VTC, it's important to keep in mind a few key things!

Making your own VTC:
To have your place considered a VTC you must meet these criteria:
1. It must have a building that is considered the Municipal Center.
2. It must be big enough to support 5 players in addition to yourself.
3. It must have lots or marked areas for the People to live in.
4. It must be open to the public to visit and look at. Some areas can be made off limits.
5. You must make a post about your VTC in this forum.
    This post should include:
    - The Name of the VTC
    - Who the VTC Owner is, and any co-owners.
    - The X Y Z Co ordinance.

You may ask what the benefits of making a VTC are?
Here's a couple!
Your VTC will get a free teleporter to the VTC Hub.
Your VTC gets Free wood tools!
Plus you get to choose two other Signs that your VTC can have!
You can change signs once a week if you wish to.

Sign Options (Each cost listed is an option you can choose.)
Heal Heals you fully.
Cost: 3 Cooked Steak, 3 Cooked chicken, 3 Cooked Fish, 3 Cooked Porkchop
Cost: 10 Carrots, 10 Potatoes, 5 Bread, 10 Melon pieces

Enchant Enchants Items.
1.Aqua Affinity LVL 1 (Specific Helm) - Cost: 5 Water buckets, 3 Fishing Rods, 12 Lapiz Lazuli
2.Feather Falling LvL 1 (Specific Boots) - Cost: 16 Feathers, 32 Eggs, 10 Lapiz Lazuli
3.Infinity LVL 1 (Bow) - Cost: 128 Arrows, 10 Lapiz Lazuli blocks
4.Knockback LvL 1 (Specific Sword) - Cost: 10 Lapiz Lazuli
5.Respiration LVL 1 (Specific Helm) - Cost: 32 Glass, 20 Lapiz Lazuli
6.Unbreaking LvL 1 (Specific Item) - Cost: 32 Obsidian, 5 Lapiz Lazuli Blocks

Repair Repairs items and keeps enchantments on them.
1.Hand (Specific tool) - Repairs the specified item your holding. Cost: 1 Diamond, 6 Iron, 5 Lapiz Lazuli
2.Hand (Any Item) -  Repairs the item your holding. Cost: 2 Diamonds, 12 Iron, 8 Lapiz Lazuli
2.All - Repairs All the items you have with you. Cost: 5 Diamonds, 10 Iron Ingots, 2 Lapiz Lazuli Blocks

Trade Trades blocks.
1.Specific Diamond tool - Cost: 1 Diamond, 1 Emerald, 10 Gold, 15 Iron, 9 Lapiz Lazuli
2.Redstone Lamp - Cost: 32 Glass, 64 Sand, 7 Lapiz Lazuli
3.Powered Rails - Cost: 30 Gold Nuggets, 15 redstone torches, 10 Iron, 7 Lapiz Lazuli
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