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Author Topic: How to make a Suggestion or a Complaint.  (Read 483 times)


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How to make a Suggestion or a Complaint.
« on: November 23, 2012, 04:40:04 AM »

There's little more frustrating in this world then to see a problem, or to have to deal with a situation that is stressful.
On the Fields Of Zen we are dedicated to helping solve any issue or situation that arises.
BUT, we need YOU!
We need YOU to speak up and let us know it's there.
We need YOU to take the screenshots (F2) when you see something unfair.
You are as much our eyes and ears as anyone else one the server and forum!

When you see something you think could help us, post it here.
When you know how to fix something we don't, post it here!
When you are the victim of or see someone else being the victim of abuse, albeit another player or a person of authority, post it here!!

EVERY post on this thread and all the others will be reviewed by either myself, Scorp_poison, or another member of the Judicial branch.

We are here to make sure you have a good time on our server, but we need YOU.
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