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Author Topic: NoelPro - General Harassment - Permanent  (Read 898 times)


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NoelPro - General Harassment - Permanent
« on: June 26, 2014, 02:49:32 PM »

User: NoelPro
Reason: General Harassment
Location: Chat
Witnesses: Donovan
NoelPro   hEJ MUTER Censored!   2014-06-26 11:23:11
NoelPro   HELLO MUTER Censored!   2014-06-26 11:23:57

Ban Stage: Stage 4
Time: Permanent

Corrective Response: Ban

It is not in my nature to ban player permanently do to minor issues in their first visit on the server, however I have talked with owners from other servers and our Swedish Ambassador, this user is known trouble. ~Scorp
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