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Author Topic: F.A.Q.  (Read 3124 times)


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« on: June 16, 2013, 09:37:32 PM »

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Post!
Here we will lay out common questions to your questions and finally give you a way to find out, even if we're not on the server! Note, a majority of many questions can be answered by perusing through the forum - Server information.
Let's Begin!

Q:I found a spawner! What do I do?
A: Simple! All you do if you'd like to take it is Break it with a silk touch pick!

Q: Great! I got a spawner now! Now what am I allowed to generate with it?
A: We'll allow you to generate most of the wildlife including:
Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Skeletons, Silverfish, Spiders, Bats, Zombies, Witches, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Snowmen, Sheep, Gaurdians Endermen, Endermites, Rabbits, Blazes And Creepers.
(Only Judicial ranks can change spawners to Endermen, Blazes or Creepers.)
Simply place the spawner, then look at it and type /spawner (Mob Name)
IE: "/spawner spider" Will turn it into a spider spawner!

Q: Oh no! My anvil's breaking! :C what do I do?
A: No worries! Take it to Anvil Anny at spawn!

Villager moving:
We can move villagers for you from any location you own and have claimed to any Naturally generated Village you own and have claimed.
Call us over, we will kill the villagers then go to the village to make them.
We will only deposit villagers into Naturally generated Villages or VTCs.
To claim a village you must have made a border or wall around it, then use your gold shovel to claim it..

Q:What Items can I get for free?
A:These items can be asked for at anything in order to get them, nothing else is giving free.
Wood tools
Leather armor
steak - 5

Q:I have a structure I want moved/duplicated?
A: I'm sorry but we don't copy or move them for you, you have to break it down and rebuild it like normal.

Q:What part do Judicial ranks play in Quarries?
A:We only refill them, we do not create them.
This way you can make them in whatever style you want and we'll just make sure you keep being able to get the resources for them!
To be a Quarry the size of the hole must be 9X9.

Promotion Times
10 hours of gameplay time
5 Days of gameplay time
A post in the user introductions.

The Wither
Due to the dangers the Wither poses to the server in order to fight him we have made a special building that he can't escape from.
Use /wither, then build him on the throne.
If you are unable to build him, let a judicial rank know or speak your issue in chat.

As time goes on, this book and the forum will be filled with more and more questions as they arise. If you can think of ones that haven't been answered by another forum topic, then please let us know! Thank you! :)
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