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Author Topic: Lrdog - grief - 24 hours *unbanned**Expunged*  (Read 1432 times)


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Lrdog - grief - 24 hours *unbanned**Expunged*
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:08:12 PM »

User: lrminecraft1 (lrDog)
Reason: placing blocks around someone property for a argument
Location: -1207 70 -192
Witnesses: Hatedblood, DW69
Ban Stage: Stage 1
Time: 24 hours

these things happened in order:
lrDog gave DW69 some iron.
lrDog asked if he could help DW69 and Hatedblood
DW69 said they wanted to do it on there own
lrDog did not like that he could not help and asked his iron back
DW69 gave (some - not tracable) iron back
lrDog said it was not everything
lrDog started placing cobble

chat confersation
killje                    stage one
killje                    for 24 hours
lrminecraft1                    i hate laggg
killje                    lrdog you are banned for grieving
Hatedblood                    cool thanks
killje                    there ya go
lrminecraft1                    omg so much lagg
killje                    no give me a sec
Hatedblood                    do i have to clean up this mess myself >:c
Hatedblood                    is it over, is that bad man gone
lrminecraft1                    thanks dw69
lrminecraft1                    dw69 was being a man and gave my iron back
lrminecraft1                    i basicly helped you so mob will have a harder time geting to you to so
lrminecraft1                    and he said nothign
Hatedblood                    to be clear he kinda encased our house in coble ston
killje                    you kinda are
lrminecraft1                    i said i will help you for the iron
lrminecraft1                    i asked for my iron back and hes acting like im a dork
DW69                    not*
DW69                    he meant the mess he made, nout our house i believe
lrminecraft1                    wow
killje                    lr dog if you beark it i have to ban you a lil time for grief
Hatedblood                    the whole pay men insurance and bad things won't happen
Hatedblood                    its like hes the mob and i'm a small town busness owner
lrminecraft1                    i will break it if you give my iron back
Hatedblood                    i am the sad
Hatedblood                    ugg going to take forever to clean this up
lrminecraft1                    about
lrminecraft1                    i said well then give me my iron back then sorry and he said what iron i dont now what yoru talkign
killje                    if you want something in return you have to say that first
DW69                    throw*
lrminecraft1                    ya
killje                    thats something you asked after it
DW69                    well... it is true.. he did just randomly threw stuff at us x:
killje                    no
lrminecraft1                    so they would trust me
killje                    without any riquirements
lrminecraft1                    what
killje                    you gave them the iron
killje                    lrdog
Hatedblood                    why u do bad things to me
lrminecraft1                    give it back and i will break it
Hatedblood                    u meany
lrminecraft1                    now give it back
Hatedblood                    again, idk what iron your talking about
lrminecraft1                    i want my iron back
Hatedblood                    how funny you are
Hatedblood                    lol tell him that there are a few newbies not giving in to your demands?
lrminecraft1                    scorp_poisen the owner
Hatedblood                    whats a scorp
lrminecraft1                    or im tellign scorp
lrminecraft1                    or im tellign scopr
lrminecraft1                    im not stupid dude just give my iron back
Hatedblood                    what is this iron u speek of
lrminecraft1                    i want my iron back
Hatedblood                    i'm sorry sir idk what your on about
lrminecraft1                    i want all iron bac k
lrminecraft1                    i gave 41 iron
DW69                    thats all i had : /
lrminecraft1                    im not stupid
lrminecraft1                    their was more iron then that
Hatedblood                    what coal and iron
DW69                    oh kay x:
lrminecraft1                    then i want all my coal and iron back sorry
DW69                    ty for the offer though
lrminecraft1                    well ok then
DW69                    once we've determined what we plan to do
DW69                    no offense, but we'd like to do it ourselves :D
lrminecraft1                    im not joking i can
Hatedblood                    lol
lrminecraft1                    i really could help make you a farm
Hatedblood                    no thanks
lrminecraft1                    making your house bigger and nicer
Hatedblood                    help with what?
lrminecraft1                    if you do you have to trust me
lrminecraft1                    want me to help you[/spoiler]

Corrective Response: roll-backed lrminecraft1 actions of 30 minutes
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