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Author Topic: The 1.7 update, the update that changed the world of fields of zen  (Read 358 times)


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I am happy to announce that we will soon be updating towards the 1.7 update.
1.7 brings a wide range of new biome's, this is way we decided with a poll to update to a new map

a new spawn has been realized and is almost ready to play on. some plugins still needs to be updated that's why we will update after the holidays.

also all starter homes needs to be transfered to the new map.
this is why we will take the server down on 11th of January if all plugins have been successfully updated.
This is the LAST change to put your stuff in the starter homes at spawn!

on the 12th of January we hope to have the server online again
keep posted because we might have a starting event where we hope that allot of players will attend!

some information about the new spawn:
- It is divided into 4 areas.
     - the city where you will be able to claim a building and take stands on the market.
     - the zen garden, this is that staple of the server, you can always come here to relax and enjoy the view.
     - the event terrain, this is a big open plains where we can build temporary item. after the server reset here will be the starter homes.
     - the spawn village, here you are free to build your house.
- the full spawn is going to be protected from building so you need to go a bit of a way bevore you can start to build, with exception of the spawn village
- inside spawn no mobs can spawn, the spawn village is that way a good way to start playing as you can get your things together before venturing into new terrain.

-Server projects will be randomly placed in close proximity to spawn, about 500 or so blocks away.

we hope to see you all on the new map!

and also Merry Christmas and a happy new year from:
Scorp, Spellwinder, killje and zipady pop.
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