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Author Topic: killje  (Read 361 times)


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« on: September 16, 2013, 06:54:31 AM »

Name: killje
age: 19
language: Dutch (and c, java, php, html, css, SQL, haskell and R)
Country: Netherlands
Reason i joined Fields Of Zen:
Most servers restrict your freedom in a lot of ways but i was spoiled becauset my previous server allowed you to do a whole lot.
Most things that are obvious on this server that aren't always on other servers, for instance we can explore everywhere on this server where we want, but most servers restrict players where they can move.
another thing is that donations here aren't a way to buy power, in my opinion none should have to feel them-self less powerful just because they don't or can't pay to play.
I have been playing minecraft for a long time now, even before the nether was introduced and things like zombies and skeletons where enabled on servers (yes there was a time that mobs did not exist on servers).
after my initial server time for about 6 months i came to the server franticme, i have played here till the beta 1.8 update together with scorp. that server looked a lot like this one although it had it flaws. We had the bad luck there that we where just in the total up rise of minecraft and the server became to big to handle itself, we hang on for a while but after a few internal affairs (moderators that abused their powers and policy changes for the higher ups) as well as a lot more donator powers i decided to quit playing minecraft.
when the horses where introduced in minecraft 1.6.2 i really wanted to play with people without having to worry about things. with this i came to scorp before the summer vacation. but sadly the server was still in 1.5.2 what mend that horses weren't here yet. after convincing scorp after a few days talking to him and calling him on skype he allowed my to try and update his server from copied files from the server. but it came to late as i left on vacation for a month. after that i worked hard on getting every plugin updated.
after that i tried to be a part of the fields of zen comunity but the forums where just a mess with news covering the whole page so i gave the forums a hugh update.
and here we are now with a updated server and forums a nice and freindly community.
I try to improve the server but more important then everything i try to enjoy my stay on the server!

I want to give a big thanks to scorp not only gave he me the trust to mess with the server he paid for but also giving the best server experience i could hope for.
Scorp you are the best!


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Re: killje
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2013, 07:01:50 AM »

No amount of words can describe the relief I feel from being able to let someone I trust handle the misc plugin and server issues that crop up from day to day.

You more then proved your worth back in Franticme, but were not given the chance to deal with the workings of the server.

I am immensely grateful that I can sit back and play on the server without worrying about what I'd do if something broke.

He has already fixed several of our plugins and the forums, I am truly glad that you looked me back up. :)