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Author Topic: Lift!  (Read 222 times)


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« on: August 31, 2013, 06:56:53 AM »

Ever tire of how long it takes to climb up a loooong ladder? Then you're going to love this! :)

bukkit Info:
Version: v48
Works with: 1.7.4.


available commands:
/lift - scans if the block you are standing on is part of a lift.

1. First, build your structure that your going to install the lift mod into, you'll need a 3 block height between lift points at least.

2. Next, at the bottom of the lift, you install an iron block at the base/bottom level.

3. Then you install a stone button 2 blocks above it, ensuring that you are able to hit it straight on. (At head level).

4. Then you place a blank sign above the button with nothing on it, this will be explained later.

5. Next, the floor of the next levels above the lift base needs to be glass.

6. Once again, place the button 2 blocks from the ground, at body height for easy access.

7. Next, the sign up above the button.

now if you hit the sign you will see text apear. you are done now, if you have more floors you can right click to select different floors!

videos and screenshots:
for more information see scorp's video tutorial

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