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Introduction/Rules / Rules
« on: January 31, 2017, 02:54:29 PM »
Greetings, as many would expect on such a public place, there are rules that must be in place to ensure that all the residents of our server can enjoy the peace and tranquility of Minecraft... until the Creepers and Enderman get you :3 MWAHAHAHAAH!!! * ahem* Anyway, here are some rules to live by when spending your time here.

1. NO GRIEFING EVER! If your curious what griefing is, then your probably good, but it never hurts to be informed. Griefing is the process of causing damage or irritation to other players through means of malicious destruction of property, dragging creepers to people's places and blowing them up, pouring lava/water into a building where someone resides, destroying blocks as a player's placing them or trying to build something, and so on and so forth. Basically, being a nuisance, and we don't appreciate that kind of behavior. We want peace here, this is the Fields of Zen after all!

2.The Golden Rule of Communication: Treat others how you want to be treated. Plain and simple, if you don't want people to treat you badly, please do not treat them badly first. Respecting other players is generally a good thing and we'd appreciate it if you didn't discriminate or talk down to others. If someone's being kind of mean to you, simply ignore them and carry on, but if they're insistent or won't leave you alone, inform one of the moderators or block them.
Along with this rule is limit your swearing and colorful language, kids as young as 11 play on this server and we don't want to encourage them to use adult language.
This includes sexual language and innuendos.

3.TNT Limits: As much as we'd love to have everyone blowing up the server to pieces ( No, not really.), we have to put limitations on the use of TNT for obvious reasons. We must ask that users only use 10 TNT blocks at one time. If you place too much, it might crash the server/cause irreversible damage to other landmarks and locations. No, you cannot get 10 friends together and place 100 TNT in one location, that'll be considered griefing and won't be tolerated.

4.The Nether and End Realms:
Anyone is free to go to either of these worlds to attempt to collect materials or accomplish a goal, however there is no living in the Nether. No setting home, get what you need then return to the overworld.

Nether rules: Due to Portal linking issues in multiplayer MC, the nether shall be handled like this:
1.Gather the materials and build the portal, do NOT light it
2.Call a Protectorate or Arbiter over
3.The Protectorate or Arbiter will light the portal and go through, stay in the overworld
4.They will make a Color Portal for you to use instead, simply tell them where you want it put in the overworld
These will be protected and made possible for you to block it from public use.
Aside from this, please NO claims areas inside the nether.

The End: You may now build on the islands that surround the end arena!
Remember these two things:
1. You may not build on the Arena island!
2. Your building and claim cannot prevent others from using your island as a bridge to go to other islands.
If you wish to claim an entire island you must build a SAFE passage around your claim to get to the next one!

5.No speed, fly or Xray mods
It isn't fair to the players that want to play normally.
You will on occasion see Arbiters or Protectorates flying, this is when Judicial duties requires it.

6.No phallic shaped structures and no signs that include profane language, players of all age on on this server.

Bans/Ban Appeals and Guidelines / Guidlines to Banning Levels
« on: January 28, 2017, 07:35:02 PM »
Banning users is never easy for either the user or the person banning them, sadly sometimes it is necessary.
This is the guideline to our ban policy: There are 4 stages of ban from lowest amount of time to highest and the reasons for that level ban.

Stage One: 24hr - 4 days
Spamming the server
Griefing 1-5 blocks
Trapping a player
Killing a player outside of the Arena
Killing a Player's Animals
General Harassment
Sexual Language or innuendos
Using Flying, Speed, or Xray mods
Unwarranted Oping: Either tricking someone into oping you, Oping someone you shouldn't, or abusing Oped powers.

Stage Two: 5 days - 10 days
Griefing 6-20 blocks
Killing the same player outside of the Arena

Stage Three: 11 days - 25 days
Theft of any amount of blocks
Destroying a persons house

Stage Four: 26 days - Permanent
Massive server griefing

Each subsequent ban in 30 days bumps the ban time up to the next ban stage, up to and including permanent. Ie:If you've had stage 1 ban and your banned for something else the same month that's also stage 1 you are instead given a stage 2 ban.
Conversely if you go a month without a ban, your ban time drops down a stage. Till your cleared of all bans.
This does not effect the reason or that reason's stage you're banned for, this only affects whether you're given a stiffer ban than before. This ban structure ensures that if someone accidentally gets themselves banned once they are not treated the same as the users that are constantly causing trouble and grief.

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