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Large Server Projects / Free touring agency
« on: August 02, 2017, 02:01:10 PM »
I would like to start killje's touring agency.

The idea is that there will be a show with portals to different locations with player created buildings.
With this the player gets a book with information about the buildings, style, person who build it etc.

This so that people who have build something can show their works to other people around the server.

This post is this way two fold.

I would like to hear if people are interested in seeing what other people build and if people have interesting buildings to show.

If you have something interesting let me know in this post.

examples of things you can/have to include in the post for adding your build to the tour.
Who: Did you make it with more people?
What: What kind of build is it? eg. a village, a single building or a compilation of builds.
Description/story: A story is very nice. A building can be nice to look at but with a story it can add a lot of value. This can be how did you get the idea? where did you get the materials? how long did it take to complete? is there a back story like is it for a dwarven village? Be creative!
Coordinates: Coordinates of the main place. i need to be able to get to it.
Vistas: Coordinates to vistas if you have multiple spots you want to show in your build. Also think if you can add a small description with every vista.
Portal: Coordinates of a spot where i can build a color portal where i have building rights. at least a 7x7
Images: Images are also appreciated!
Other: Anything else you can think of that would be good to know!

If you have multiple build/vistas in one build think about the walk between them. they should not be to long or should themselves be something good to look at/experience.

If you want information or help with setting up your build as a destination. Just ask for me. I am specialized in making roads and interesting ways to travel between points. And i am often willing to do it for free. I am also good at small buildings/decoration to touch things up if need be.

I hope this will become a nice way to show build around the server and let me know if you have any suggestions.

If you have a build you want to add but do not have the coordinates ready still post here to show your interest!

The current tour:
[spoiler=Current tour]


Submit your own builds on the Fields of Zen forums:

Welcome traveler to this server. This server lets you build amazing things and a lot of people already have done this. This tour is made to inspire and amaze you to build your own buildings.
This is a currated tour made by me, Killje. I hope you enjoy the tour.

If you have any suggestions or have seen mistakes please contact me here, on discord or on the forums.
# Single claim, owner Betheaeroplane
# Sign with page number at: -1362 65 -292
# Sign with name on color portal

Beth's Kingdom
Creator: Betheaeroplane
Portal: -1360 64 -290
Style: Mixed
We start in a village. This was not the first structure to be here, but the first one on the surface. We start walking to the brick house North.
This brick house is a extended version of the normal village smeltery and servers as the house for Beth (Betheaeroplane) when in town. From here we travel further east.
The path we are walking was to link the village up to the base.
On our way we see buildings that have been added after the path has been created. This was to add scenery on the way to the base. The first one would be the creeper castle to the North. Followed up by the Wither to the South.
After these the extra buildings at the village would be created. Once we come at the intersection we can see a orange barn further to the East. This building was created after Beth saw it on her way to her girlfreinds house.
To the North we can see a building with half a heart on top. This building is the most recent and was imported from a schematic from 2011. As this was a building from an old server Beth used to play on. Feel free to look around on the surface.
When you are done you can return to the Portal. The portal was at -1360 64 -290[/spoiler]

Server Information / 1.8.3 update - plugin list
« on: August 12, 2014, 06:02:24 AM »
PluginCurrent VersionNeeds to be updated?First Test results
GroupManagervPre2.13.1.6Yes, vPre2.14.1.2Working
ColorPortalsV21.6.2Yes, but no update available yet
PlayTimeV22.0.6Can't update need to migrate to something else
Dynmap1.9.3Yes, v2.2-alpha-2 (there might be a different database option, see what it does)Working with mysql support
ServerCaster1.5No, but version 2.0 availableWorking
SortingHopper0.90Yes, 1.0
LampControl2.4Yes, 2.5.4
JOPHSpawner1.3No update available. Unknown if it works
XPStorage1.1Yes, 1.2
GriefPrevention282Yes, 11.5.2Working
Flags1.4.1No, this plugin will be disabled. So no PVP for a while
EssentialsvPre2.13.1.6Update to spigot essentialsWorking
Lift48Yes, 52

Server Information / SortingHopper
« on: August 03, 2014, 01:42:42 PM »
SortingHopper allows you create item filters from a hoppers.

Plugin Info:
Version: v0.9
Works with: 1.7.4.



Additional Information:
To create a sorting hopper add a extra comparator in the normal hopper Recipe in the top middle slot or rename it to sorter or filler in a anvil.
then place your hopper below a array of hoppers that is going in that same direction and put in the hopper the items you want to filter out.

The sorters ignore metadata, so you can't sort out different kind of dye's

This month we do not have a event planned because of the (upcoming) summer vacation.

We want to celebrate this month of sun, warmth and joy by sending pictures of the summer.
it can be anything!
A beautiful sea, a cold drink or you enjoying the weather.
A sunset or you doing crazy things with friends.

You can post them all in this topic!

Old News / MINEopoly is starting
« on: June 22, 2014, 02:07:51 PM »
Our protectorate Random_ has created a buitiful version of monopoly in minecraft
we are starting right now with the game.

Join us on the server and in ventrillo!

edit: it is over :(, but don't be sad we are going to try to keep this game somewhere on the server!

Old News / HeartBleed - change your password now
« on: April 10, 2014, 12:17:30 AM »
a big security problem has arise on the internet and 66% of the websites where vunrable for the bug.
one of the vulnerable site was Mojang (the creators of minecraft) and t your account might have been compromised.
more information here:
and here:

actions you should take:
change passwords on all site where you have an account. this includes minecraft, but also our site.

take swift action and dont wait for your data to be stolen!

Old News / Named ip addres reusable again
« on: March 28, 2014, 01:22:16 AM »
It took some time but the address is useable again.
i need to point out the 5 digits on the back are different from the 5 digits we had before the node change about a month ago.

Server Information / JOPH spawner
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:15:12 AM »
this plugin allows you to pick up spawners

Plugin Info:
Version: v1.3
Works with: 1.7.2.

Arbiter, Plugin Engineer
JOPHSpawner.use                    allows you to pickup spawners when you break them
JOPHSpawner.dragonegg           allows you to pickup enderegs when you break them


Additional Information:

Server Information / area notification
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:10:31 AM »
this plugin will show you a message when you enter a pvp area

Plugin Info:
Version: v1.2
Works with: 1.7.2.



Additional Information:
when an area is pvp this plugin shows a chat message that you entered one
this is again a plugin create by me, any changes to the plugin will be in the comments

Server Information / achievement fix
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:08:25 AM »
this plugin allows to get the achievement we need to go deeper even though you cant go through a normal portal.

Plugin Info:
Version: v1.1
Works with: 1.7.2.



Additional Information:
you will get the achievment when you get the DIAMONDS! achievment
this is again a plugin create by me, any changes to the plugin will be in the comments

Server Information / Broadcaster
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:06:17 AM »
this plugin allows us to show a message every so often

Plugin Info:
Version: v1.3
Works with: 1.7.2.

Arbiter, Plugin Engineer
broadcaster.reload          allows use of the command /reloadbroadcast            allows use of the command /cast

/cast [n]
   if [n] is present it will cast the message of line n, if this is not the case it will broadcast the next message.
   reloads all broadcast messages.

Additional Information:
this is again a plugin create by me, any changes to the plugin will be in the comments

Server Information / Flags
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:00:57 AM »
this plugin allows you even more control over what happens in your griefprevention claim

Plugin Info:
Version: v1.4.1
Works with: 1.7.2.

Recent, Experienced, Veteran, EvalProtectorate, Protectorate, Arbiter, Plugin Engineer, Ambassador, Redlab Wizard, MiniGame Engineer

Experienced, Veteran, EvalProtectorate, Protectorate, Arbiter, Plugin Engineer, Ambassador, Redlab Wizard, MiniGame Engineer

you can use the flags in the flowing ways:
/flag set area <flagName> <true|false>
/flag get area <flagName>
/flag remove area <flagName>
/flag help

you can use /flag help to see all available <flagName>'s there are.

Additional Information:

Old News / Monthly Event: you chose one!
« on: March 17, 2014, 01:34:40 AM »
the months montly event will be on the 13th of April. what kind of event it will be is up to you guys. These are some posibilities but put in the comments if you got other ones too! Here is a few we can do, a whiter boss fight, a custom PvP map, a PvP tournament, a PvE tournament. a building competition.

the time is already set at:
the event will start on April the 13th at:.
3 PM CDT (GMT -6)          9 PM GMT (GMT +0)              10 PM CET (GMT +1)     
and stop at:
5 PM CDT (GMT -6)         11 PM GMT (GMT +0)             12 PM CET (GMT +1) 

i hope to see a lot of reaction on this one! :D

User: lrminecraft1 (lrDog)
Reason: placing blocks around someone property for a argument
Location: -1207 70 -192
Witnesses: Hatedblood, DW69
Ban Stage: Stage 1
Time: 24 hours

these things happened in order:
lrDog gave DW69 some iron.
lrDog asked if he could help DW69 and Hatedblood
DW69 said they wanted to do it on there own
lrDog did not like that he could not help and asked his iron back
DW69 gave (some - not tracable) iron back
lrDog said it was not everything
lrDog started placing cobble

chat confersation
killje                    stage one
killje                    for 24 hours
lrminecraft1                    i hate laggg
killje                    lrdog you are banned for grieving
Hatedblood                    cool thanks
killje                    there ya go
lrminecraft1                    omg so much lagg
killje                    no give me a sec
Hatedblood                    do i have to clean up this mess myself >:c
Hatedblood                    is it over, is that bad man gone
lrminecraft1                    thanks dw69
lrminecraft1                    dw69 was being a man and gave my iron back
lrminecraft1                    i basicly helped you so mob will have a harder time geting to you to so
lrminecraft1                    and he said nothign
Hatedblood                    to be clear he kinda encased our house in coble ston
killje                    you kinda are
lrminecraft1                    i said i will help you for the iron
lrminecraft1                    i asked for my iron back and hes acting like im a dork
DW69                    not*
DW69                    he meant the mess he made, nout our house i believe
lrminecraft1                    wow
killje                    lr dog if you beark it i have to ban you a lil time for grief
Hatedblood                    the whole pay men insurance and bad things won't happen
Hatedblood                    its like hes the mob and i'm a small town busness owner
lrminecraft1                    i will break it if you give my iron back
Hatedblood                    i am the sad
Hatedblood                    ugg going to take forever to clean this up
lrminecraft1                    about
lrminecraft1                    i said well then give me my iron back then sorry and he said what iron i dont now what yoru talkign
killje                    if you want something in return you have to say that first
DW69                    throw*
lrminecraft1                    ya
killje                    thats something you asked after it
DW69                    well... it is true.. he did just randomly threw stuff at us x:
killje                    no
lrminecraft1                    so they would trust me
killje                    without any riquirements
lrminecraft1                    what
killje                    you gave them the iron
killje                    lrdog
Hatedblood                    why u do bad things to me
lrminecraft1                    give it back and i will break it
Hatedblood                    u meany
lrminecraft1                    now give it back
Hatedblood                    again, idk what iron your talking about
lrminecraft1                    i want my iron back
Hatedblood                    how funny you are
Hatedblood                    lol tell him that there are a few newbies not giving in to your demands?
lrminecraft1                    scorp_poisen the owner
Hatedblood                    whats a scorp
lrminecraft1                    or im tellign scorp
lrminecraft1                    or im tellign scopr
lrminecraft1                    im not stupid dude just give my iron back
Hatedblood                    what is this iron u speek of
lrminecraft1                    i want my iron back
Hatedblood                    i'm sorry sir idk what your on about
lrminecraft1                    i want all iron bac k
lrminecraft1                    i gave 41 iron
DW69                    thats all i had : /
lrminecraft1                    im not stupid
lrminecraft1                    their was more iron then that
Hatedblood                    what coal and iron
DW69                    oh kay x:
lrminecraft1                    then i want all my coal and iron back sorry
DW69                    ty for the offer though
lrminecraft1                    well ok then
DW69                    once we've determined what we plan to do
DW69                    no offense, but we'd like to do it ourselves :D
lrminecraft1                    im not joking i can
Hatedblood                    lol
lrminecraft1                    i really could help make you a farm
Hatedblood                    no thanks
lrminecraft1                    making your house bigger and nicer
Hatedblood                    help with what?
lrminecraft1                    if you do you have to trust me
lrminecraft1                    want me to help you[/spoiler]

Corrective Response: roll-backed lrminecraft1 actions of 30 minutes

Server Information / lamp control
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:40:04 AM »
a plugin that uses world edit to turn on redstone lamp always, just for admin use only.

Plugin Info:
Version: v2.4
Works with: 1.7.4.



Additional Information:

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