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User Introductions / inferiorstatue4 My Introduction
« on: July 03, 2013, 10:16:09 AM »
Building Style:
I love to build Modern, Industrial, Steampunk, and my own styles. I often build things and then take a step back and ask myself what did I just build it's beautiful.

I love to help new players and get them started.
I always am in the mood to troll noobs a little but I will always feel sorry and help them out more.
If you get on my bad side I will never feel sorry for you.
I always help out people who are being made lower than others. That's why I was banned on another server, the staff was op and they were looking down on my friend so I backed up my friend and got banned.
I have been playing Minecraft for almost a year.
Here's the funny thing about when I started playing, I was anticipating getting Minecraft and I didn't want to be a noob to it so I went on the wiki and I watched at least 200 Minecraft videos of people playing it.

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