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News / Monopoly Redux
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:31:45 PM »
A *New* server community project has arisen!


As some of our veteran players know, way back in 2014 we started the project to create Monopoly in Minecraft. Unfortunately, this was a miserable failure, due to bad planning, shoddy construction, and long build time. Now with a fresh arsenal of players we hope to dig up the project, and successfully build our own Monopoly board. Scorp has proposed to use current server landmarks in place of the properties, and I, AfterDark will be working on construction. Anyone with any good ideas, questions, comments, or concerns should come to me at their earliest of convenience, to make sure that the game is built with the utmost quality.

User: Loneminec10
Reason: Greifing, whole house, Swearing/Harassment
Witnesses: None
Location:60x, 71y, 48z
Proof: Logblock for Greifing
Swearing/harassment: See chat log and attachment

Ban Stage 3
Ban time: 11 days
Ban preformed by Random_Enderman

User Introductions / AfterDark3's Updated Intro
« on: November 22, 2014, 10:59:51 PM »
Hello everyone, I am AfterDark3.
First of all, What I do.
-I do mob farms.
     -Drop Based
     -Spawner Based
     -Auto Cooker
     -Auto Sorting
     -All mob farms are made in a similar fashion, and all resources must be provided and a little extra  ;) for my effforts
-I do redstone contraptions
     - I have been known to make "The very large and very unreliable locking chest, 'The NeverWork' remote opening door and others
     - Again Labor and resources are paid by for recipient.
-I do not do buildings, I do interiors.
     -If you want your house to look snazzy on the inside, I am the man for it.
     -Resources should be paid for by recipient, and a small fee for work (I might chip in some of my stuff)
-All work has an unlimited warranty WITHIN REASON.
     -Do not waste my time with mediocre problems that you can fix yourself (e.g. a sign or block was removed)
     -If you do not know what the problem is, contact me via message and I will fix it to the best of my abilities
     -Absolutely no refunds. You get your resources but not my pay. I had to work BUILD and then TAKE DOWN my own work you are lucky I am not charging you for having to remove it.

What I am like
-I like lists  ;D
-I can be a little "moody" catch me on my good side an you might pay less
-I will help you if you ask politely, I am easily agitated by beggars
-I tend not to get jokes or find them funny, I lack a sense of humor

When I am around (Usually, Central Time)
-Weekends 11:30AM-10PM
-Weekdays 4:30PM-9PM
-Contact me though the forum, times are subject to change.

Old News / Re: Bukkit issues
« on: September 28, 2014, 10:15:52 AM »
Are the update delays also because the Greif Prevention team is currently only 1 person?

User Introductions / AfterDark3
« on: September 15, 2013, 01:22:52 PM »
Hello, I am AfterDark3, I specialize in mob traps and I will make one absolutely free of charge. You certainly can have one provided you have the resources to build it. A spawner based mob (cows,sheep,creepers,zombies,skeletons and pigs) trap will require about 3-6 stacks of cobble (or un-burnable material of your choice) 3-64+ hoppers (if you want item sorting) and some other misc. stuff depending on what setup you want. This type also auto cooks the beef and pork. You could also have a drop based trap that requires up to 20 or more stacks of the material of your choice but does not require a spawner. This type would also take up much more space than the spawner based trap and is much simpler but it is more time consuming. My schedule is very tight and i am only one for about 2 hrs a day on a period of 4 days a month. Please contact me before requesting a mob trap. I am on randomly for about 5 minutes every couple days and am commonly on the ventrillio server, you can also reply to this message though it might be a week or two before I respond. I apologize that I am not on more it is just that my internet is no the greatest and it limits me highly on what I can do. Any questions leave them in my inbox on the mail plugin.


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