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Title: New Repair Station!
Post by: Scorp on August 19, 2016, 07:37:36 PM
Me and Beth have designed a new Repair station using command blocks.
This station will repair Elytras and Anvils too!
The price is currently 25 Iron ingots or 2 Lapis Blocks, but we will be looking at a price change because it can repair more then 1 item at a time!

To use the station:
1.Put the material you are paying with in your off hand weapon slot (where you would put a shield).
2.Then walk through the door till you get to the end.
3.Throw the item/s you want repaired into the hole. and press the button.
4.Turn around and leave normally.

It is VERY important that you do NOT put anything into your Offhand Weapon slot until you have COMPLETELY left the station!