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Title: AfterDark3's Updated Intro
Post by: AfterDark3 on November 22, 2014, 10:59:51 PM
Hello everyone, I am AfterDark3.
First of all, What I do.
-I do mob farms.
     -Drop Based
     -Spawner Based
     -Auto Cooker
     -Auto Sorting
     -All mob farms are made in a similar fashion, and all resources must be provided and a little extra  ;) for my effforts
-I do redstone contraptions
     - I have been known to make "The very large and very unreliable locking chest, 'The NeverWork' remote opening door and others
     - Again Labor and resources are paid by for recipient.
-I do not do buildings, I do interiors.
     -If you want your house to look snazzy on the inside, I am the man for it.
     -Resources should be paid for by recipient, and a small fee for work (I might chip in some of my stuff)
-All work has an unlimited warranty WITHIN REASON.
     -Do not waste my time with mediocre problems that you can fix yourself (e.g. a sign or block was removed)
     -If you do not know what the problem is, contact me via message and I will fix it to the best of my abilities
     -Absolutely no refunds. You get your resources but not my pay. I had to work BUILD and then TAKE DOWN my own work you are lucky I am not charging you for having to remove it.

What I am like
-I like lists  ;D
-I can be a little "moody" catch me on my good side an you might pay less
-I will help you if you ask politely, I am easily agitated by beggars
-I tend not to get jokes or find them funny, I lack a sense of humor

When I am around (Usually, Central Time)
-Weekends 11:30AM-10PM
-Weekdays 4:30PM-9PM
-Contact me though the forum, times are subject to change.

Title: Re: AfterDark3's Updated Intro
Post by: Scorp on November 23, 2014, 12:45:54 AM
I am glad that you are able to play more now :)
See you around!