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Title: A WHO and HOW to post here!
Post by: Spellwinder on November 23, 2012, 04:40:15 AM
On this server I don't believe in "Server Wars".
My users are very important to me, but I am well aware that variety and options are what it takes to keep people happy and I fully endorse letting anyone experience new servers.
This is the place you advertise other servers.
Do you have one?
Does your friend?
Have you gone to one that's so neat you keep going back?
Then let EVERYONE share in the joy of the servers you've found! Post them here!

1.Make sure the owner of that server wants to be advertised.
2.Post the link plus a description, a overall of what makes that server fun if you will.
3.Please don't spam OUR server chat with advertisements, that's what this forum is for.  :D