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Title: Killushot - General Harassment - 4 days *Unbanned* *Expunged*
Post by: Scorp on February 08, 2014, 12:48:26 AM
User: Killushot
Reason: General Harassment, Drug and Sexual discussions in chat.
Location: Chat
Witnesses: Console
"milf lol he doesnt know what it means"
"we r going to ur house now to babysit u"

Ban Stage: Stage 1
Time: 4 Days

Corrective Response: Ban for General harassment and antagonistic treatment of another player.
This is the MAXIMUM ban I can give for this stage, I hope it serves to deter you from repeating this abhorrent behavior.

"he is probably having a great time watching this"
That is the most offensive thing I saw in chat during the entire issue, I do not enjoy the site of the whole server ganging up on a single player like we're in frigging GRADE SCHOOL!