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Title: bug fixes and server related talk
Post by: killje on January 28, 2014, 04:32:34 PM
just a note to myself, but i decided to post it here so i dont lose it and you can see what i do on the server on a regular bases.

changing world edit tool to a firework star because of the high usefulness of a wooden axe. - FIXED changed to item id 402 (firework star)
asdjfhkjshdfagh gsaf hsadfjhklj safkja sdfh (because of moderation purposes this sentence has been scrambled but i still know what it says.) - FIXED no further information given
giving players the ability to set some flags for there claim - FIXED players are now able to set some flags! :D
investigating claim scorp lift plugin not working - SOLVED scorp had some problems with the setup not the plugin :P
reducing dynmap server load by disabling cave view (i am sorry guys :P) - FIXED cave view disabled
Fixing kits not showing up - FIXED somehow our essentials config was set back to default :S
Fixing log block not logging - FIXED logblock needs to have the excect world name set in the config log block in now logging from this moment 29-Jan-2014 10:00 CET
logging commands - FIXED for protecotrates and arbiters the forum now shows a list of the 10 last lines of chat and commands and they can get the full list by following a link
Figuring out the reason players can't /Ignore, High Priority -FIXED it was a problem with griefprevention also having the ignore command

beside this i also have my own plugins to maintain and new ones to make together with reworking the plugin page

that was it for now i will change this message when things are done if you want to keep up to date :D